After the Siege, before the Siege

communism, cold war private tours, buda castle, budapest, hungary, cold war, iron curtain , 1956
Rare color photo of the Buda castle, 1956.

Summer, 1956. The Buda Castle is still quite in ruins: windows of the Palace are missing; the dome, destroyed during the 1945 siege of Budapest, is not yet rebuilt. In a few months, much of the city will be destroyed once again by an invading Soviet army.

Curiously, just before the revolution broke out, in the fall of 1956 the relations of the United States and the Hungarian government were by far the best since the Communists had taken over in 1947. After many years, the government started to release, one by one, the imprisoned Hungarian employees of the U.S. Legation they had falsely accused of conducting espionage, and abolished the travel restrictions for American diplomats. 

There was only one enemy of this slow detente: the Hungarian secret police, the ÁVO, itself “a state within a state”. They did not trust the Americans, and they had a plan.

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