Liberty Statue vs Statue of Liberty

Communism, Hungary, 1956, U.S., Statue of Liberty, Budapest, Marine, Cold War
Gellért Hill with the Statue of Liberty from Minerva utca in 1956, captured by a U.S. Marine Security Guard stationed in Hungary.

Budapest in 1956 looked a little bit like New York in 1886, as you can see it on this photo from our collection, taken by a U.S. Marine Security Guard serving in the American Legation. The Liberty Statue of Budapest, however, was much more ominous than her sister, the Statue of Liberty in NY: it was erected in remembrance of the Soviet “liberation” of the country from the German occupation in WW2. Here is how the same street looks today, 60 years later:

minerva str today

Come and join me for a walking tour in Budapest to travel back to a time where fear and manipulation ruled the country. I will explain everything on location, citing real stories happening to real people: spies, masters and victims on both sides, based on the latest, unpublished archival research. It may sound serious, but it will be fun. You can book your tour HERE.

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